Relax and Perfect The Art of Chai Tea

Handcrafted with love, from natural ingredients, these family recipes handed down through generations, from one Dave to another. Uppma, the founder of Chai Walli, has made it her mission to educate Daves all around Australia on the genuine beauty of Indian teas and spices. So share a cup of tea with us and embark on the most relaxing Dave Experience to date.

Your group will not only receive their very own Experience Box each delivered to their door containing three Chai Tea blends and a perfectly matched honey, but we'll also organise the interactive tasting experience for you hosted online by our Expert Dave and Product Specialist.


Discover a Legacy of Chai


A (good) cup of chai is a language of its own, it has the ability to bring calm and excitement all at once.

Chai Walli's humble beginnings started with Uppma blending spices in her parent’s basement recreating her grandfather’s blends.

Chai Walli's signature chai is the most authentic chai on the market. It is made using only whole spices that are hand blended using traditional Indian practices; this means no liquids, no powders, no preservatives - just natural chai goodness. 

Taste Three of The Finest Chai Teas


This signature masala chai is handmade in Australia using a delicious 11 spice Caffeine Free blend.


Designed for those wanting more of a spicy chai, with warming spices like cloves, turmeric and ginger. 


Subtle, smooth & naturally sweet, with a balanced turmeric spice mix made with fresh fennel & ginger.


The bees collect the nectar from native Australian flora creating a natural & delicious taste that is influenced by the cool breezes of the Southern Ocean.

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Enjoy three unique Chai Walli Chai blends and discover traditional flavours and techniques to brew the perfect chai.

In this interactive course you will learn:

  • The history of Chai Tea
  • How to taste and appreciate Chai.
  • How to make the perfect Chai

Ultimate Experience


10 person group

Each person will receive the following:

  • Golden Chai 100g
  • Caffeine Free 11 Spice Chai 100g
  • Turmeric Latte 50g
  • South West Honey 260g
  • Online Guided Tasting
  • Bonus PDF Downloads
  • Access to Dave's Members Community
  • Dave's Exclusive Discounts
  • Free Delivery

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