Martell Cognac is the connoisseur's choice...

300 years of passion and audacity has built the legacy that is Martell, the oldest of the great Cognac houses. From Jean Martell’s initial search for the world’s finest eaux-de-vie, to the 2017 release of Martell’s trailblazing Blue Swift, the audacity of a great house never rests.


Three centuries of excellence coupled with the unique refinement and excellence of French lifestyle... 


Built on the uncompromising philosophy: ‘I want only the best, without artifice', Martell's brandy established in 1715 has since gone on to become a symbol of refinement and savoir-faire throughout the world.

Join us on this sensual journey as we reveal centuries-old secrets from the oldest of the great cognac houses from the grape vines to your glass. Discover elegance, delicacy and the unique tastes and aromas of the signature Martell style.

Learn how three centuries of French craftsmanship and excellence helped create Martell Cognac, expertly tasted with our Expert Dave brand ambassador.


Taste Three Legendary Martell Cognacs



Martell VS Single Distillery combines spirits from a single distillation source in France’s Cognac region for a richer and more intense expression of the Martell distillation style.



Today, Martell celebrates this history with another first: Martell Blue Swift, the first-ever spirit drink made of cognac VSOP and then finished in bourbon casks.



The legendary cognac Martell Cordon Bleu is an international emblem of excellence, ideal for special occasions. The taste of this French cognac is an explosion of spicy fruit notes and elegant richness.

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