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How to host a virtual event (that doesn’t suck)

Ahhh 2020 … You’ve heard it a thousand times and you’re about to hear it again - it was one hell of a year, a whirlwind of unprecedented (yeah, we said it) events and happenings.

The pandemic threw a major spanner in the works for all of us, changing everything from our travel plans, our freedom, our ways of life and of course the way we work and communicate with not only colleagues but friends. 


Seeing as we were forced to stand at least 1.5 metres away from one another, 2020 became the year of Zoom calls and online events, with each workplace trying to cultivate the new virtual workspace and friend groups trying their best at online socialisation and activities.

Now, we don’t know about you, but this year we’ve certainly taken part in a few ‘bonding activities’ online that have missed the mark to put it nicely. That’s why we’ve come up with a few ideas and suggestions for hosting a virtual event that...

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