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The run-down on Whiskey - Everything you need to know delivered to you neat

Ahhhh whiskey, where to start? You’ve got Scotch, bourbon and rye, grain, single-malt and blended, not to mention its differing characteristics depending on where in the world it’s from. Feeling confused? Don’t worry, it can be hard to wrap your head around, but Dave's here to help you straighten out the confusion and give you the low-down on the differences between the delectable dark liquor.


First of all, let’s get a few quick things straight. There are two main types of whiskey: malt and grain - grain whiskey is simply made from any grains, including but not limited to wheat and corn, whilst malt whiskey is specifically made from malted barley. Within this you can get single-malt whiskey or blended. Blended whiskey accounts for the vast majority of whiskeys on the market, produced by combining liquor from different malt and grain distilleries. On the other hand, single-malt whiskey is exactly as it sounds and is classified as such when the...

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