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The Ultimate Gin Guide For Beginners

Welcome to the era of the modern gin revolution. Right now, we’re seeing an explosion of new gins entering the market, and as more and more people are discovering the tantalising delights of this delectable spirit we’re seeing more gin distilleries popping up and creative new cocktail combinations arise.


The story of gin is a fascinating one, steeped in history that dates back through the centuries and involves trials, tribulations and celebrations of all kinds. Gin has one ingredient at the very core of its being - juniper.


Gin originated in Holland and its name stems from the Dutch word for juniper, which translates to genever. It’s the addition of juniper berries that sets gin apart from all other types of liquor, and it must be the prevailing aroma and flavour for gin to be classified as such. Apart from the essential juniper, anything goes! Different botanicals are added to create distinct flavours and fragrances to give each gin its own special...

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The best DIY gin cocktails for 2021

Here at Dave’s headquarters we have a broad range of quality drinks on offer - a varied assortment of wines and champagnes, boutique beers and A-grade spirits. But looking around Dave’s pantry we noticed he was missing one of the essentials - gin! There’s been somewhat of a gin revolution recently, with a surge of exciting new brands entering the market. And for good reason, as gin is one of the most versatile spirits in the game due to the wide abundance of different botanicals that distillers use to concoct different flavours.


So, we made it our mission and scoured the globe for the best gins around the world to present to you, and couldn’t help but share our favourite gin-based cocktails so you can order and try at home for yourself. Chin chin!


Classic Tom Collins:

The Tom Collins, a true classic dating back to the late 19th century. The simple recipe makes for a refreshing blend of fizzy gin goodness, and The UK Plymouth gin complements this...

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