How to host a virtual event (that doesn’t suck)

virtual events Jan 28, 2021

Ahhh 2020 … You’ve heard it a thousand times and you’re about to hear it again - it was one hell of a year, a whirlwind of unprecedented (yeah, we said it) events and happenings.

The pandemic threw a major spanner in the works for all of us, changing everything from our travel plans, our freedom, our ways of life and of course the way we work and communicate with not only colleagues but friends. 


Seeing as we were forced to stand at least 1.5 metres away from one another, 2020 became the year of Zoom calls and online events, with each workplace trying to cultivate the new virtual workspace and friend groups trying their best at online socialisation and activities.

Now, we don’t know about you, but this year we’ve certainly taken part in a few ‘bonding activities’ online that have missed the mark to put it nicely. That’s why we’ve come up with a few ideas and suggestions for hosting a virtual event that doesn’t suck - whether it’s for you and your work team or your mates, these activities are sure to be a step up from the banal. 


Virtual wine tasting:

For the ultimate group tasting experience, ‘Drinks With Dave’ is where it’s at.

Who’s Dave, you ask? Dave is both your best mate and your neighbour, your boss and yourself. Put simply, there’s a little bit of Dave in all of us, and this site sends out boxes of your chosen wines that are accompanied with information from experienced winemakers and product experts who will guide you through the tasting.

You can even book ‘Dave’ for events you want to take place in real-time, from corporate events to hens’ and bucks’ parties, Dave is up for it.

Gather your family, friends or work colleagues and join Dave on a virtual journey through the world’s most premium beverage offerings in a live and interactive sesh. 


Virtual trivia:

So, pub trivia is back on (and fingers crossed we never have to live without it again) but have you ever wanted to host your own personalised trivia? Gather a few different teams together, come up with some tailored questions and get cracking!

With a glass of wine by your side, this is guaranteed to be a fun one. A great way to do it is through the site Kahoot!

Create your own quiz game and give users the login password and you can all play together in real-time online and vs one another. This format gives the whole experience a more slick, professional air whilst also allowing the host to participate.

Pro tip - have a prize for the winner to get everyone real riled up. 


Virtual table-read:

Ok, hear us out on this one. A slight niche idea, but guaranteed to be a tad more fun and a whole lot funnier than your run-of-the-mill Zoom call.

Pick a scene from your favourite movie or a TV episode (perhaps an episode of Sex and the City so you can sip on a few classy cosmos as you prepare for the role of a lifetime), delegate characters and get everyone to dress up accordingly with a printed-off script. Coast through the scene like you were made for the screen, baby. 


With these ideas in mind, you can host a fun and interactive virtual event that evidently won’t suck. No more yawns, absentminded staring or phone scrolling with these ones, so go on and give them a try.


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