So What is Drinks With Dave?


Enjoy Australia’s favourite virtual tasting experience in the comfort of your own home.


 Over 10,000 tastings and we are only just getting started! 


With a returning customer rate of 134% it is easy to see why Drinks with Dave is the first choice for Australia’s leading companies when it comes to team-building, engaging with customers, or simply having a cheeky Friday drink!

With the ever-changing rules and regulations during the pandemic, Drinks with Dave is the easy, safe and simple way to enjoy a virtual tasting experience - plus, we have the best drinks in town.

We have also developed a brilliant way for private groups to host their own tasting with our interactive video sessions that allow you to host your own event!

So your next Girls night in, Birthday party or simply if you are looking to discover something new - Drinks with Dave have you covered!



But Who On Earth is Dave!

We know we’re a Dave but what about you? You're Dave, I'm Dave, everyone's a Dave. 

Dave is your best mate and your next-door neighbour. Dave is an essential worker who works tirelessly around the clock. Dave is those who are Australian and those who have decided to make it home. A working parent, the self-employed, the legends of the full-time juggle. 

Dave is you. Dave is me. Dave is us. 

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